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Villoondi Theertham

Villoondi Theertham is one of those eye-catching beaches in Rameswaram that has a quaint and charming quality to it, favoured by most travellers. It is also one of the 64 Theerthas (sacred water bodies) in Rameswaram.

Villoondi Theertham is situated about 6 km from the Rameswaram main bus stand. Besides its arresting views and silent tides, the place is also known for its pure water spring inside the sea. A few metres from the shore, this pure water well beside the sea is a marvel. Devotees connect its existence to a mythological legend from the epic Ramayana. After rescuing Goddess Sita and bringing her back to Rameswaram from Sri Lanka, Lord Rama performed rituals by installing a Shiva linga on the spot. When Sita said she was thirsty, Rama shot an arrow into the sea, and from there emerged  a spring bringing forth pure water. The Shiva lingam is named Thryambakeshvarar, and there is a Shiva shrine near Villoondi Theertham. 

Villoondi translates to “the place pierced by the arrow” and Theertham means “sacred water”. Devotees can access the well if they take a 120-foot long walking bridge that extends into the sea.


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