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A thick green cover of forest and plains with a carpet of tea plantation, add to it a double cascading waterfall, you get a picture of Catherine waterfall.

Located in Kotagiri in Nilgiri district, this waterfall has a  curious name. It is named after the wife of M D Cockburn, a Scottish planter who introduced coffee, pears and apple plantation in the hill stations. The water cascades from a height of 76.2 m and leaves you in awe. This waterfall drops down in two steps. Considered as one of the largest falls in the region, the upper falls is fed by the river Kallar. There is the second fall which is also noted for the serene beauty. If you have a thing for adventure, hike up the forest path to the top of the falls and witness a sight of a lifetime.

Stock yourself with enough food, water and snacks as you may end up famished while going in pursuit of this beauty. The dolphin nose is one of the best points to watch this waterfall. You take the Mettupalayam road branching off at Aravenu and head straight to Catherine falls. Make sure the weather is calm and clear while you plan your visit. The best time is morning and noon and schedule your trip accordingly. The enchanting surrounding view of this waterfall makes it a mesmerizing spot to spend a day. 

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