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Emerald Lake

Framed by the mighty peaks of the Nilgiris and the rolling jade hillocks of tea plantations, is the Emerald Lake. Yet to be discovered by most travellers, Emerald Lake and its under-explored landscape that reminds you of a fairy-tale make a perfect location to spend a day enjoying the awe-inspiring views.

Reflecting the opulence of the woods and jade tea plantations, the Emerald Lake stands up to its name. Home to countless water fowl and aquatic animals, it offers an idyllic landscape to feast your eyes upon. A relaxing day on the shores of the lake, listening to the songs of the birds and watching them plunge into the water, is a necessary refreshment for a weary mind. Here, on the shores of the lake, you can set your eyes and mind free, and be lost in the wild beauty of this virgin landscape.

The lake set in the backdrop of rising peaks of the Nilgiris and misty tea plantations is a perfect spot to enjoy scenes of sunrise and sunset. Ideal for a day of relaxation with friends or family, Emerald Lake will treat you with a gorgeous landscape and the calm of the wilderness, where you can be at one with Nature the whole day. With its open sky, opulent greenery, misty tea gardens, and calm blue waters, the Emerald Lake is a heaven for photographers and Nature-lovers. The explosion of colours in the skies at dawn and dusk turns the entire landscape into a surreal painting. Head to the lake to experience the enchanting view of the red sun rising and setting behind the misty green mountains. The ever-present fog, constantly rolling in and out of the surrounding tea gardens, adds a mystic charm to the landscape.


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