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Imagine seeing majestic and jaw-dropping waterfalls after adventurous trekking for 3 kilometers? Immerse in the beauty of Kalhatti Waterfalls, located at a distance of 13 kilometers from Ooty. You can go on trekking to this destination from the Kalhatti village.

The falls, believed to have been the abode of Sage Agastya look enchanting amidst the undulating hills. Set against the backdrop of the Western ghats, the waterfalls are on the Sigur Ghat road, famed for its 36 hairpin bends. It is one of the best waterfalls in Ooty cascading from the Sigur plateau. This route connects Ooty to Masinagudi. Vehicles can be parked here and you can enjoy a hike to the viewpoint, which is also a promising picnic spot. From there, you can climb down 150 steps to the foot of the waterfalls. Terrestrial birds frequent this spot, especially during early morning and late evening hours. There are also terrestrial paddy fields near the fall, which will be a unique scenic experience for city dwellers. Tourists can access the falls from a private estate near the main road. 

Even though the place is rich in flora and fauna, it is advisable not to go too deep into the forests as you may spot wild spots and a black panther, that would have come in search of water. Wild buffalos and reclusive sambhar deers also come to quench their thirst. During monsoons, there will be a sudden rise in the water level that can catch you off guard and tourists are not advised to visit this place. 

Do not miss to take warm clothes with you, while visiting the falls. The best season for visiting is during September and November. It is the starting period of winter and the monsoon would have reclined by then. The popular hill town of Bellikal is situated near the falls.  


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