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Who would not want to experience the wild trekking experience through the meadows and tribal hamlets? Pack your backpacks and head to Parsons Valley Reservoir, away from the bustling crowd to enjoy the calmness of nature and return with cherishing memories for a lifetime!

The reserved forest in the Mukurthi National Park, Parsons valley is situated at an altitude of 2196 metres above sea level covering 202 hectares of land. Situated 12 kilometres from Ooty, the area is a reserved forest named after a British Engineer, Parsons who discovered the valley in 1862. It was he who developed this place as one of the most beautiful trekking routes. The reservoir is a natural habitat for wildlife animals like panthers, tigers, and bison. It is also rich in a variety of plants. The valley acts as the base point for trekking – both long and short. Mukurthi Peak is located at a short distance from the valley and you cannot miss enjoying the scenic beauty of Mukurthi lake. You can enjoy the enchanting view of the Nilgiris mountains from the valley. 

With the flowing streams, trickling waterfalls, and pine trees along the Pandiyar slopes, Parsons valley is also a natural habitat for the tribal population. The dense forest surrounding the valley gives you an eerie experience with its crawlers and creepers. Located in the Nilgiri Biosphere reserve, you should get permission from the Forest Department. While trekking around the Parsons Valley Reservoir Dam, you will get to see a storehouse resembling a ‘ghost’ house. This added, with thick wildlife and tall trees will send you shivers down the spine. Parsons valley is also known for its Water Buffaloes.

You can also see the Parson Valley dam, a hydel reservoir constructed by the Tamil Nadu government. The water acts as the reservoir and is a primary source of drinking water for the people of nearby towns of the Nilgiris district and villages, towns, and defence establishments at Wellington.

The valley can be visited between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm and the place can be even entered in the Mysore direction. 

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