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Shooting Point, Ooty

Have you ever wanted to visit fairy-tale-like settings and recreate iconic scenes from your favourite movies? Head to Shooting Point in Ooty, where a picturesque view of unending green meadows and rolling hills veiled in thin white fog awaits you.

About 15 km from Ooty town is Shooting Point, a picturesque patch of meadows amidst the rolling green hills of the Nilgiris. This vast expanse of mist-clad undulating green meadows, formerly known as Wenlock Downs, was once a popular hunting ground for the British and is now home to the Gymkhana Golf Club, the Hindustan Photo Films Company and a state-run sheep farm. This strikingly spectacular meadowland covering a cluster of incessant slopes and opulent woodlands has featured in numerous movies and has thus been nicknamed by locals as Shooting Point or Shooting Medu. These meadows and rolling moors, spotted with lush shola forests, a unique feature of the Western Ghats, are a hotspot of biodiversity and a place of pristine natural beauty. The unending wavy grasslands and lush misty hillocks of this heavenly tract of the Nilgiris are a paradise for photographers and attract hordes of film crews all year round.

The Shooting Spot offers a panoramic view of the Nilgiris as well as the vast expanse of undulating meadows covered with shola and pine forests. The serene ambience of Shooting Spot, enriched with the scent of pine forests and eucalyptus, makes it a perfect spot for enjoying a picnic or a day out with friends and family. It is a perfect destination for tourists in search of a break from the fatiguing noises of urban life. The enthralling view of white fog from the nearby Mukurthi Peak gradually rolling in over the meadows grazed by white sheep is something that will sooth any numb mind. Head to the Shooting Point and have a stroll through the misty grassland and soak in the tranquillity of Nature.


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