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A village that is adorned with one of the oldest tea estates, a Pykara powerhouse and a beautiful lake surrounded by hills –is Glenmorgan village, located 25 km away from Ooty. There is also a dam in the tea estate. You can unwind in this picnic spot with family and friends.

The quaint village of Glenmorgan is located 25 kilometres away from Ooty. This age-old tea estate in Ooty is also popular for its picturesque and aromatic tea plantations. People can also go trekking from Glenmorgan to Pyakara Junction Powerhouse, amidst the tribal villages and grove of Eucalyptus trees. Glenmorgan is also called the 'electricity town' due to the presence of the Pyakara powerhouse at Singara. A three-kilometre ropeway starting from a powerhouse in Singara to Glenmorgan is a major attraction of the place. People also get to see the panoramic view of Mudumalai National Park, Mysore; Moyar Valley and the Singara Powerhouse from Glenmorgan.

The best time to visit this village is between October and March. 

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