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Berijam Lake

Situated in a forest conservation area, Berijam Lake is a haven for all Nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. If a quiet morning or evening by the lakeside surrounded by lush green woods is what you imagine as a place to unwind, then Berijam Lake is the perfect spot for you.

Berijam Lake is located 22 km southwest from the famous Kodaikanal Lake. It is a natural freshwater lake which you can drive down to through beautiful forest cover. A forest pass is required to reach Berijam Lake. It can be easily obtained from the District Forest Office. The quiet forest,  with stunning lake views, and surrounded by acacia and pine trees, is everything you need to spend a tranquil holiday in. 

Berijam Lake is situated in the Upper Palani hills in the old site of Fort Hamilton. Carry your binoculars with you as the Upper Palani shola reserve forest is home to the crested serpent eagles, pariah kites, pale-rumped swallows and the edible-nest swiftlets. Migratory birds like common rosefinch, blue chat, leaf-warblers and blyth’s reed warblers also visit this forest. 

You can spend some time fishing, bird watching or just strolling around the lake that bestows a pleasant experience to cherish. Boating in the lake is banned in order to preserve the quality of the natural fresh water, and also since it is used as the primary source of water for the nearby town Periyakulam. The river, which is formed by the spillway of a dam, is part of a micro-watershed development.

If lucky, you can spot bison, deer, snakes, elephants and monkeys in the forest or around the lake. It is said that different types of mushrooms grow around this area. 

The nearby attractions are fire tower, lake view, silent valley and medicine forest that lie close to the lake. 


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