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While on a scenic drive along the village roads of Poombarai, you will be excused for thinking a piece of blue sky has fallen down on to the slops of the Kodaikanal. The pristine crystal blue waters of Mannavanur Lake and its serene surroundings are an ideal picnic spot for families and holiday-makers.

Guarded by the mighty peaks of the Nilgiris on all sides, the quaint village of Poombarai is nestled away in the midst of the thickets of the Western Ghats, far away from the clamour of urban life. Poombarai, an idyllic hamlet with a calm, lazy atmosphere scented by eucalyptus trees and fertile farm lands, will remind you of a scene straight out of a fairy tale. 35 km away from the Kodai valley, Poombarai, should be on your travel itinerary if you are in search of a perfect destination to escape the monotony of everyday life and embark on a rejuvenating journey into the wilderness where you can appreciate nature's raw beauty.

Winding through the thick forests encircling the village of Poombarai is a trekking trail that will take you to the underexplored parts of the Nilgiris. Exploring the wilderness through a long walk along the trail while listening to the chirping of the birds and calls of the wild animals will be a refreshing experience for the trekkers.

At the end of the trails is the beautiful lake of Mannavur. This pristine freshwater lake, placed perfectly on the lap of the rolling hills of the Nilgiris, make a picturesque view for the trekkers to set a picnic and enjoy their time out in nature. The shores of Munnavur lake are home to a wide variety of fish and birds, making them a prime spot to pick if you are into birdwatching. As you sit on the park benches set on the shores of the lake and watch the waterfowl playing in the blue waters and listen to the songs of the birds in the woods, you won’t notice hours passing by.

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