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Devil’s Kitchen

This picturesque heritage site, also called the Guna Caves is located on the outskirts of Kodaikanal. Devil’s Kitchen is a favourite with hikers and is located near Moer Point. This group of spooky caves gets the name “Devil’s Kitchen” because of the bat colonies that reside in the warmth of these structures.

The Devil’s Kitchen may be thought of as an extension of the natural glory of the Pillar Rocks amidst which they are situated. This spot was the frequent haunt for those who loved a challenging stroll. Once it gained popularity after the release of the Tamil movie, “Guna” which was shot here, it has been attracting a number of tourists who visit these wondrous caverns to ponder the enchanting wonder of nature. These caves, discovered by the British official, B. S. Ward in 1821 CE, are situated at an elevation of 2230 meters. However, the location is quite secure as it offers a view of the caves from only a few safe positions, while entry to the risky spots has been restricted.

You can stroll through the path covered by pine forests that lead to these caves and enjoy the warm atmosphere they impart. You can spend a whole day exploring the winding paths entangled in the ghostly woods of the Devil’s Kitchen. Hiding away secrets in its otherworldly landscape, the Devil’s Kitchen is a treasure trove for those with a zeal for exploration. Those ardent seekers will be blessed with countless spectacular views such as the unending green valley spanning the horizon and the nearby Pillar Rocks shrouded in a mystic veil of white fog. It also attracts photographers as it not only provides a brilliant setup for landscape shots but also allows you to capture memories with your friends or family. You do not want to forget your camera to capture this one!

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