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Every summer, the lakeshores or lakefront of Kodai Lake burst into an explosion of colour and fragrance as the annual flower show in Bryant Park commences. Bryant Park, on the eastern front of Kodai Lake, is a picturesque botanical garden that boasts a collection of rare and exotic plants and trees that is almost as old as the hill station itself.

In 1908, H. D. Bryant, a forest officer from Madhurai, set up a small park near Kodai Lake. The park, named after him, has now developed into a botanical garden spanning over 20 acres. Managed by the Tamil Nadu Horticulture Department, Bryant Park has over the years become a popular tourist destination and an iconic landmark of Kodaikanal.

Home to a wide variety of plants, cacti, and trees that were planted decades ago, Bryant Park is an ideal destination to spend time with your loved ones amidst a serene landscape adorned with the colours and fragrance of countless flowers carefully arranged and maintained. The park boasts a collection of over a thousand different varieties of roses. The entire park turns itself into a carnivalesque atmosphere during the summer months as the flowers bloom in vibrant hues. The glasshouse is a unique feature of the park that houses a wide variety of exotic plants.

The park is also home to a eucalyptus tree that is almost 175 years old. The diversity of plants and trees makes the park home to a wide variety of butterflies and birds. There is no better spot in Kodaikanal for a casual stroll with your loved ones amidst an assortment of flowers and dancing butterflies. The cool breeze from the nearby Kodai Lake, scented with countless roses in the park, is guaranteed to soothe and refresh your mind.

The annual flower show, conducted in the month of May, is the best time to visit the park to truly enjoy its beauty to the fullest. The show is organised by the Department of Horticulture and assembles a wide variety of flowers and plants from the nearby villages for both show and exhibition. The park also functions as a practical centre for education and as a demonstration centre for ornamental horticulture. Your visit to Kodaikanal is incomplete without an afternoon spent amongst the flowers and butterflies of Bryant Park.

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