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There is no shortage of breathtaking views in Kodaikanal, but the Silent Valley View on Berijam Lake Road may be the best. With its mind-blowing panorama of the deep valleys and floating clouds, the Silent Valley View is a popular destination among travellers seeking a shot of thrill and adventure

The Silent Valley View offers a unique and enchanting view of the endless folds of Palani hills and western ghats and the vast expanses of lush green valleys in between them. Well connected by Berijam Lake Road, the Silent Valley View is an easily accessible and popular destination in Kodaikanal. The ghat roads, gradually winding through the forests and tea gardens, will eventually take you to the hilltop, which gives an enchanting view of the nearby landscape. You will be welcomed by the refreshing chilly wind blowing up the hills. The ever-present fog paints a mystic white colour on the cold air of the hilltop. This is where you see Kodaikanal, the princess of hill stations, at her best.

The pristine landscape and serene atmosphere of the Silent Valley View are complemented by the scent of eucalyptus trees on the hill slopes. There is no better place in Kodaikanal to enjoy the sunrise or sunset. The short trail from the road takes you to the hilltop, which opens to a truly spectacular view. The lush greenery of the valley beneath and the pristine blue of the sky above seem to continue without ever meeting. Best visited during the morning or late-afternoon, the Silent Valley View is an idyllic spot to kick back and enjoy the explosion of colours during the sunrise or sunset. You can spend hours with your loved ones at the Silent Valley View, being lost in the grand view of the undulating landscape, listening to the sweet whispers of the clouds passing by.


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