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A shimmering silver splash cutting across a thick foliage; there could be no better sight to come across on a road trip than this beautiful image. That's what Thalaiyar waterfall is all about and it is no surprise that it enjoys the distinction of being one of the most loved tourist spots in Tamil Nadu.

Owing to its peculiar trail, it carries the name Rat tail falls. Located in the Palani hills of Dindugul district, it is the highest waterfall in Tamilnadu. The 975 ft high waterfall makes for an exhilirating sight. For all the marvellous beauty of this waterfall, accessing the place won't be everybody's cup of tea. The hikers and trekkers would love it, but it is advisable to exercise utmost caution. The hike starts at Manjalar dam and then cut your way through the forest and halt at Mango orchards and potato fields.

Tourists take a pause driving up the ghat road spotting the silver trail of water from a distance. The white splashing water hemmed in by green spread is a sight you can remember for a life time. Make sure you get to the view tower in the park at Dum dum rock from where the view of the waterfall is spellbinding. A seasoned hiker or a trekker would love the climb up the hill to the waterfall for the sheer joy the beauty of nature offers all along the way. From the Dum dum rock view point, you can see the gushing waterfall in the backdrop of a rocky cliff. On the top of the falls,  a concrete wall is built on either side to direct the flow of the water to a narrow path.

Relax and sit on this wall and enjoy the beauty of the waterfall and do click some beautiful pictures also. You can also take a short walk along the wall to get close to the water fall. Below the wall lies a flat rock and a few steps will lead to a placid river flowing through the forest. Take in the soul soothing calmness all around broken by the gentle sound of water running over the walls.

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