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Just a stone’s throw away from Kodaikanal Lake is Bear Shola Falls, a cascading seasonal waterfall that reveals its true beauty during the monsoon months. Set amidst the lushness of the Nilgiri forests, Bear Shola Falls is a popular destination to be lost in the wild and enjoy the tranquillity offered by the serene ambience of the falls.

Bear Shola Falls is a slice of heaven hidden away in the dense forests of the Western Ghats. Home to a wide variety of animals and plants, Bear Shola Falls is nothing short of a biodiversity hotspot. Bear Shola Falls gets its name from being the favourite watering hole of the bears in the surrounding woods. Now a popular picnic spot, Bear Shola Falls offers a calm and serene ambience for having a day out with friends and family. Set in an atmosphere of dense forest disturbed only by the chirping birds and the soothing sound of water crashing on the rocks, there is absolutely nothing that could disturb your escapade into nature. Bear Shola Falls and the opulent forests surrounding it offer a peaceful and refreshing break to any weary traveller.

Located just 3 km away from Kodaikanal Bus Station, Bear Shola Falls is a must-have destination on your itinerary for your Kodaikanal trip. The zig-zagging, bumpy road will take you to a trail through the forests. A light trek through the forest trail will be made effortless by its serenity and the songs of the birds in the woods. Trekkers will be greeted with a break in the thick canopy that opens to a majestic view of the falls in the middle of the pristine woods. The water falls from over 40 feet into a plunge pool that is safe for bathing and swimming. A delightful dive into the pristine water will be the ultimate reward you can have at the end of your trek. Bear Shola Falls is a seasonal waterfall that is best enjoyed during the months of September and October. Travellers are advised to take caution while venturing into the falls during peak monsoon months.

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