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Near Kodai Lake, the monsoon months turn the Pambar River into a truly magical waterfall, appropriately named Fairy Falls. Hidden away from the clamour of the city and located amidst the lush greenery of the Western Ghats, Fairy Fall is a serene picnic spot just 5 km away from the gorgeous Kodai Lake.

Picture a winding trail amidst tea gardens dancing to the rhythm of light showers falling over them and a picturesque waterfall cascading over lush grassy meadows. Located far away from the clutter and clamour of cities, there is nothing but the sound of water crashing on the rocks and rain falling on the lush greenery surrounding it. This is not a scene from a fairy tale but an actual spot in Kodaikanal, aptly named Fairy Falls.

Every monsoon season causes the Kodaikanal Township Reservoir to overflow and form a beautiful waterfall near the Pambarpuram area. True to its name, Fairy Falls is a gorgeous little cascading waterfall that is a perfect destination to enjoy the monsoon showers. On a chilly monsoon day with drizzling rain, Fairy Falls reveals its wild beauty and serenity to the visitors. 

As an underexplored destination, Fairy Falls is the perfect picnic spot for those in search of some solitude amidst the beauty of nature. Your escapade into the lap of nature will be disturbed only by the chirping birds and the soothing song of the crashing waterfalls. Take a hike through the winding trails from the Kodai Lake, which is just over 5 km away from the waterfalls. An enjoyable stroll in the light rain through the lush tea gardens will get you to the pristine location of Fairy Falls.

A little waterfall in the middle of opulent greenery and rolling meadows is the perfect getaway spot to escape the crowds of Kodaikanal and unwind with your loved ones. For those who fancy a shower under the falls, there is a natural plunge pool formed by the falls at the bottom that is safe for swimming. The true beauty of the falls is best enjoyed during the monsoon months.


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