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Pillar Rocks

Are you an adventure lover and want to try out trekking, mountain climbing and rock climbing?! Three to four hours of trekking through the thick fogs and woods before reaching Pillar rocks offer you nothing less than an enthralling adventurous experience!

The 400-feet towering granite rock formations are a natural beauty to explore. From the vantage point of the Pillar Rock, you can enjoy the serene beauty of Kodaikanal. These three rocks stand shoulder to shoulder. The gap between the two rocks is called the 'Devil's kitchen’. If you go on a trek, there will be guides to lead the way. There are also waterfalls near the rocks. The tourist destination with its natural setting and lighting, is any photographer's paradise. Photographers can come here early in the morning to get a breathtaking view of the sunrise. The lush greenery and the garden with a wide variety of flowers at the base of the rock formations, is an ideal picnic spot for families. Families can savour their tea and snacks from nearby shops. 

You can also go on a group hiking trip to the scenic summit of Pillar Rocks. Once, there existed a  'white cross' on these rocks representing the eternal love of a man called David Gelli for his wife Irine Gelli. While on their honeymoon, Irine Gelli is said to have slipped into the pillar rocks. David, in her memory, placed a white cross on top of the rock, after which he is believed to have committed suicide to be united with his wife. But the cross withered with time, despite several efforts to maintain it. 

The entry timing to the Pillar rocks is between 9 am and 4 pm, including Sundays. The fee per person is Rs 5, and you need to pay Rs 20 for a still camera shot. If you take your kids along, be extra careful to keep them away from the edge of the rocks. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Also note that liquor consumption is prohibited at the place. 


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