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Located in the Palani Hills of the Western Ghats, Kodaikanal Wildlife Sanctuary is home to countless wildlife and shola forests unique to the Western Ghat biome. This paradise of biodiversity is the best avenue for you to explore the raw beauty of nature and learn about the wonders of the wilderness.

Wildlife inspires awe, wonder, and occasionally fear. But sadly, these wonders of nature have been pushed to the fringes as humans explore and exploit nature. Wildlife sanctuaries are the last remaining islands of hope where you can find wildlife in its natural habitat. Kodaikanal Wildlife Sanctuary is one such haven of diverse wilderness with breath-taking beauty and a thriving population of wildlife. Located in the biodiversity hotspot of the Western Ghats, Kodaikanal Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a rich array of wildlife, most of them unique to this pristine landscape. Spanning over 700 km², the Kodaikanal Wildlife Sanctuary is noted for its luxuriant greenery, dozens of waterfalls, vast green valleys, rolling hillocks and meadows speckled with stretches of dense Shola forests. Home to a rich diversity of animals like flying squirrels and mighty elephants, Kodaikanal Wildlife Sanctuary is a thriving ecosystem rich in biodiversity.

There is no better place in Tamil Nadu than the Kodaikanal Wildlife Sanctuary for a wildlife enthusiast to venture into to explore and wonder at the richness of the wildlife. Join a wildlife tour through the sanctuary and head to Berijam Lake, the favourite watering hole of the inhabitants of the sanctuary, to spot the most elusive of its residents. Trek the forest trails, listening to the calls of the wildlife. Stop by to appreciate the plants and flowers that colour the grassy meadows in a vivid shade. Be careful not to disturb the butterflies and moths enjoying their siesta under the petals. There is no better avenue that showcases the richness of the diversity of the Western Ghats. Head on to the Kodaikanal Wildlife Sanctuary and embark on a wildlife tour to explore the raw beauty of the Western Ghats and learn more about its inhabitants. The luckiest of the explorers might be able to spot the stars of the sanctuary–the mighty elephants and the Indian Gaur. You definitely do not want to forget your cameras for this one.

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