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With countless butterflies dancing to the soothing music of crashing waters and chirping birds, Pambar Falls in Kodaikanal is a paradise on Earth. If you are a nature-lover in search of a calm, picturesque spot to be lost and undisturbed in the natural scenery of Kodaikanal, Pambar Falls is the best destination for you.

Pambar Falls in Kodaikanal is an idyllic waterfall located in the middle of lush greenery. Located far away from the clutter and clamour of the cities, Pambar Falls offers you a perfect getaway spot to let your senses wander in the soothing comfort of nature and get a much-needed reset. Formed as a result of the community water reservoir overflowing southwards to join the Vaigai River in its course, the zigzagging stream dances over a series of rock formations, making an absolutely beautiful cascading waterfall, giving it the name Grand Cascade. Also known as the Liril or Vattakanal Falls, it is located just 3 kms away from the centre of Kodaikanal. 

A short walk from the Kodaikanal town centre to Pambar House will take you to a winding trail into the nearby woods. The trek to Pambar Falls itself is as beautiful as the majestic waterfalls. Traversing the slippery rocks and thick undergrowth of the woods will take you further into the rugged terrain. The waterfall presents itself as a rather peaceful brook flowing through the thickets. Venture further upstream and your perseverance will be rewarded with a stunning view of a majestic waterfall. The trek over the rugged terrain will be made easier by the songs and dance of the countless birds and butterflies in the woods. The trek through the pristine landscape, enjoying the raw beauty of nature, will be a refreshing experience for travellers. 

The thick canopy of the woods opens to the view of the bubbling water dancing over a series of rocky cliffs. The craggy landscape of the area makes the water tumble down a series of rocky steps, forming a beautiful cascading waterfall. Even though the rocks are too slippery to climb on, the Pambar Falls form a tub-like plunge pool at the bottom that makes a perfect spot to enjoy a refreshing swing after your exhausting trek. As the true beauty of the falls is revealed during and after the monsoon, September to May is the best time to visit Pambar Falls.

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