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On your long journey along a winding ghat road, there is no better spot to pick as a stopover than one with a majestic waterfall. Cruise along the zigzagging ghat roads for about 8 km from Kodaikanal and you will find Silver Cascade Falls, one of the most beautiful treasures of the princess of hill stations.

Appropriately named, Silver Cascade Falls is a majestic cascading waterfall with a height of over 180 feet. This picturesque waterfall along the scenic Kodaikanal-Madurai Road offers a much-needed refreshing break to weary travellers. The overflow from the nearby Kodai Lake flows over steep cliffs to form the mesmerizing waterfall, offering travellers a picturesque scene.

The view of the waterfall, perfectly set amidst lush greenery, can be seen from a long distance as you approach via the ghat road. The roaring sound of the falls and the sight of white waters cascading over rocky cliffs are perfectly set to entice visitors to stop by and spend some time admiring nature's idyllic beauty. With its view of frothy white waters crashing over rocks and the magical rainbows formed in its misty air, the Silver Cascade Falls is a heaven for photographers. So definitely have your cameras ready. 

The cold, pristine water is too much of a temptation for some to leave it without a dip in it. Who would not want to take a quick break and enjoy a quick shower under a cascading waterfall? If you do not mind being teased by the monkeys on the nearby treetops, you can safely venture into the falls to have a leisurely swim. The Silver Cascading Falls and its surrounding serene woods are a perfect spot to halt and take a break from your adventures. You can spend hours at Silver Cascade Falls watching the dance of the cascades and the play of the monkeys.

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