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The Kodaikanal Golf Club is a centre of history and heritage. For nearly 130 years, the Kodaikanal Golf Club has been a favourite destination for visitors looking to unwind with friends while playing some fun golf. Add the golf club to your list of destinations while visiting Kodaikanal and enjoy a relaxing day of golf and drinks with your companions.

The historic Kodaikanal Golf Club has stood as a tall and silent witness to the gradual transformations and development of Kodaikanal from a small township to the princess of hill stations for nearly a century and a half. Kodaikanal golf course is conveniently located around 6 km away from the city's center. The Kodaikanal Golf Club is a private membership club that boasts a beautiful 18-hole, par 71, state-of-the-art golf course. During the colonial rule of the British, the officers and their companions were in search of a location for setting up a golf course as a spot for entertainment and a hangout spot. The search of twelve such golf enthusiasts led them to this beautiful piece of landscape located close to the Pillar Rocks and the now famous viewpoint of Suicide Point. Established in 1895, as the brainchild of British golfers, Kodaikanal Golf Club boasts a rich history and heritage and now has over 600 active members. 

This state-of-the-art golf course, set in the most picturesque location in Kodaikanal, is where you should head if you want to test your golfing skills while on an escapade to the hills. Luckily for the visitors, the full 18 holes are open and they can swing away after taking either a handicap or a golf lesson provided here. For beginners, the course has a fully equipped practise net area for finessing their driving skills and a dedicated putting area for sharpening your skills and having casual fun with friends. While swinging, watch out for surprise guests in the form of wildlife from the nearby woods who might drop by unannounced, perhaps to judge your skills.

Other facilities include a fully equipped conference room, billiards, and a room for card games. It boasts a dining area and a lounge with a cosy fireplace, making it an ideal spot for small events and get-togethers.

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